How to get pigeons out of the attic

Pigeons love buildings, and this means many people in the United States have a problem with pigeons in the attic. Thankfully, attics are one of the places pigeons can be excluded from. In fact, sometimes it's the cleanup and repair process that is the most time-consuming aspect of this particular problem. First, make sure there are no other areas of the home where pigeons can roost. If you boot them out of the attic but they can simply move to the eaves, you're not solving your problem. Next, identify where the pigeons are coming and going from the building. Install a one-way funnel at this site. The funnel will allow the pigeons to leave, but they won't be able to re-enter through the smaller hole on the other side, especially while in flight. Once all the pigeons have left the attic space, the hole needs to be sealed up. Now that the pigeons are gone, you need to decontaminate the space because pigeon droppings are particularly caustic and pigeon waste can host parasites, mites, and ticks.

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